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Wooster City Charter: Support a charter form of government, representative, accountable and responsible to all citizens. Charter provisions should offer efficient and economical government, competent personnel, clear assignment of responsibilities, adequate financing and coordination among various agencies.

Health Services: Support for the establishment of cost-effective health services and clinics for those needy residents of Wayne County who do not have private insurance or who do not qualify for Medicaid.

Wayne County Children Services: Support of measures to provide:

  1. Funding for both remedial and preventative services;
  2. Funding to maintain salaries at a level that is competitive with positions in similar agencies; and
  3. Increased per diem payments to foster parents in Wayne County

Solid Hazardous Wastes: Support of regional planning with adequate funding for the handling of solid and hazardous waste.

Public Transportation: Support of measures to provide efficient city and/or county public transportation so that basic human needs of access to work, child care, health providers, local businesses and other transportation facilities can be met without undue stress and financial burden to the individuals involved.